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  1. DripFedFred

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    Though I'd like to add, although I and a number of others are being very cynical (realistic). I am definitely willing to give this whole thing a try, and will try not to be the voice of doom too often!
  2. Boom

    Boom New Member

    What happened with TKH was making BONE stronger to how they are today. I have been noticing one group's performance who previously was in alliance with BONE. They are now the only active group left. They are mostly 1.0 whose only goal in this game is to out number and out power not care about the rest. If you want to have fun in this game there is still time, and that is playing at a different range.
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    ezibito New Member

    ok so let lets start nminating leaders and i completly agree with fred aim should be to make the allies as even as possible and thinking of longivity of game more then anyhting else
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    ezibito New Member

    here we go
    ukr refused to perticipate in end so we went on with it without them unfortunatly. we didnt elect leaders in end cuase was long and hard negotiation so we jsut decided to make the move and get it started most poeple we got hold off agreed.
    starvier team checks, indian, moon, lego, fred, mogar, crumble, ork rip, anya, dale, demonic, envy and lust, grudge
    arnes team ,liz,dolly,outy,sluggy,thoh, trip,rotty, link, stemmy, waine, eska, falling star, chilly, shadowhit
    ezibitos team(me) ast creep kl ag flo dead lady hellraiser selene dark talon and widge ezi dan art blacked alphamale
    some players who posted on the pvp sign up page we did not know their stand after ukr desided to not join so we did not pick them.
    we also agreed that if ayone else wants to join in we will decide between us where he will go to keep it even so if anyone still wants to join please say so on this post
    please contact ur ally leaders so we can sort ally's we decided deadline for start for next thursday. anyone who would still want to join after its still open we want as many poeple involved as possible.
    good luck all lets hope this will bring some more fighting and fun into game
  5. ann

    ann Member

    In starivers team? :eek:
  6. DanElectro

    DanElectro Administrator Moderator

    even when BONE come up with the plan this turns into a blame everything on bone topic....and i dont think this could ever work, because it takes 2+ ENEMIES to make it work, no one is willing to step up and you cant get it in a friendly way by discussing.. will fall apart after the 1st fight... "you did this, i didnt like it so i diseased you" "you diseased me so i block you.." "you won 3 fights in a row, i quit pvp(for a week)"...
    and no.. the difference beetween a fair fight and suicide is far apart.. but not by the opinion of the weaker/ stronger side.. arguements over WHAT is fair will continue even if 2-4 allies are "evenly" split.. no one will agree that theirs is even, unless they have the strongest...tkh.. maf.. they got people together cos they were willing to fight no matter what almost, and as more joined their chances went one has PROPERLY tried this for a long time, it falls apart in weeks...and no matter what this isnt going to be a instant fix no point bothering to comment about what is currently happening effecting the future, look at how many old enemies are together now in various alliances..
  7. Taylor Burgess

    Taylor Burgess New Member

    Is simple... Delete all alliance, limit clans to 10 max. Decrease clan bonus to 2, 4 and 6 percent.
  8. Boom

    Boom New Member

    Instead of trying this and finding that it takes players to want to play, everyone should be trying to convince administration on merging servers with RU. This server is dead and is not going to expand anymore yet players who are dedicated are just barely holding on. We need to convince administration to realize this, they want to add more lands, a new pvp religion land that obviously took a lot of time to develop. I really haven't seen anyone use it for the purpose of religion... During the summer months to come this game always decline in activity, now barely making 30 players daily there is clearly a game problem that management is blinded to.

    This game needs to add a new dynamic and I feel it is merging with the other server.
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  9. DaVinci

    DaVinci New Member

    get everyones name who wants to pvp, pick 2 captains and pick the players 1 turn each, exactly like you did at school making 2 football teams, so the good players get picked first then proceed to either friends or higher modded gear. see how that pans out :D
  10. DanElectro

    DanElectro Administrator Moderator

    seems like 2 sides is best way to handle it.......take a MINIMUM amount of damage to kill most tanks that a small group just isnt capable of after auto pots and anti relig..only having 2 sides would mean the difference in player amounts in 2 large groups effects the outcome less...and picking 1 at a time like davinci said is the only way this is going to be somewhat fair split...mayb with some "pairs" of people that dont want to be split up but this would count for 2 of your choices so would need to skip your next round of picking
  11. DripFedFred

    DripFedFred Mayor

    SBK, if you want to be involved in a PVP revamp then you will have to make some compromises too. A lot of the players involved in this (Ezibito etc) have sacrificed their top spot in the hopes of bringing pvp back to a fun level, if you're not willing to try to level or change your build to a more pvp suited one, then why join?

    This reshuffle is a way to redistribute the power into multiple groups all of whom will then help build up non pvp focused players, or lower religion level players (like me). It is NOT a free pass for pvp wins, at the end of the day for this to work all 3 alliances have to be competitive and relatively evenly matched. If one player walks around getting killed in wars all the time and not trying to adjust to pvp then it scuppers the entire system.

    If you had asked to join Bone before this they would have said no, you're now being offered a place in one of the alliances, all you have to do is try to get to lvl 360 (a task that literally takes about 4 hours on hades now doing bb quests on the weekends) and adjust your build to be pvp focused.
  12. Lego

    Lego New Member

    If you style works for u, u should high lvl religion by now lol

    360 is for your well being, u want to lower, if fine, some lvl 250+ come along break your pro chain, u b d first to go.

    Which leader wants if u dont want to listen to them?

    Food 4 thought
  13. Checks

    Checks New Member

    Hmm just had a BREAKTHROUGH idea!! Check out Legos 1v1 tourney post under "the gods will hear u" section, it's EPIC!!
  14. Alodz

    Alodz New Member

    A l o d i a
    Im new in pvp so I hope I will be put in a lliance that will help me and teach me how to play pvp. Thanks
  15. DripFedFred

    DripFedFred Mayor

    I'm happy to have new pvpers in my clan with me and demonic, but obviously it's all going to be down to the draw and what alliance you end up in.
  16. alecia moore

    alecia moore Member

    i too dont mind taking people to my clan eventually
  17. 2gatz

    2gatz New Member

    2gatz is down!
  18. Lego

    Lego New Member

    You cannot just take ppl into the clan.

    There is a system. 3 leaders will decide collectively who goes to which ally. You cannot just add anyone u like into your clan.
  19. Tib

    Tib New Member

    Its nice that people trying to make a game more alive but this is the most stupid idea ever. If i play a game i like to play together with friends and since i paid with my own money for my clan, gears etc, i will decide myself how and with who i play this game. But dont worry, i dont play anymore, someone made it very clear that i am not welcome anymore in this game)))
  20. DripFedFred

    DripFedFred Mayor

    Lol... Well Done Lego for turning this nice all inclusive concept into a dictatorship.

    I'm sorry but from what I recall there were talks of 'electing' these leaders, and then it was decided it was better for the elites to pick among themselves, us normal folk got no say in the matter. I can stomach that, it's for the greater good and all that.

    But if a newbie comes on the forum and says they'd like to try but they're not very experienced, and a bunch of us reply saying we're happy to take them, then jumping down our throats essentially stating "YOU DON'T GET TO PICK WHO IS IN YOUR CLAN!" Is not the correct response.

    Now I'm in Starvivers alliance, which I think is also your alliance. I have no intention of adding new members to my clan (mainly because I hate you all and you all hate me) but if I did, I will not be told what I can and cannot do with a clan I paid ludicrous amounts of money for on a game I play for fun, if that means I get kicked out of this reshuffle than so be it.

    The entire premise of this was to create a new level playing field to bring FUN back into the game, not to extend the elites grasp to controlling all of the alliances.

    TL : DR -

    I paid real money for my clan, I will war who I want, recruit who I want and siege who I want. There are enough ludicrous rules in this game without having to obey the popular kids. I'm in this reshuffle to help be part of a solution to the death of DS pvp. That does not mean I'm a loyal pawn.

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