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Discussion in 'Gods will hear you' started by ezibito, Mar 15, 2015.

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    ezibito New Member

    after long time hearing u all complain bout bone ruining game and faced with the fact that game activity is in a all time low, bone as decided to do somthing about it.
    after long thought and desscusion and thought we decided for us to split. we already made a small split with draconian knights leaving bone. but to realy revive game and do it properly i think we need to do somthing much more radical.
    what i suggest is a full reshuffeling of alliances. how will we do this? well it should be discussed here.
    what i suggest is all who is intrested in playing pvp will sign in here or we make seprate post for that. from those posted we will hold elections and choose 4 poeple to lead 4 leader for 4 allaiances, those 4 will choose thier alliance members like on play ground. and we will end up with 4 comletly new alliances.
    will basiclly be a new pvp game.

    please posts ur thoughts and ideas
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  2. arne3johan

    arne3johan New Member

    Arne suports..
  3. Dark Talon

    Dark Talon New Member

    Im game just let me know which team im on
  4. Checks

    Checks New Member

    im open to a bone split lets start getting this game back to all the fun we used to have, not knowing 100% if we gonna win or not, lets do this we need every1's support and patience
  5. _PortgaR D. Ace_

    _PortgaR D. Ace_ New Member

    Hm) whats Leader will be?
  6. DripFedFred

    DripFedFred Mayor

    I love the concept, and I'm really happy to hear Bone wants to take that extra step but I do have concerns.

    This will only work if the 4 leaders agree to a set of terms, or you'll just end up with a different Bone.

    For example if 20 people sign up to this and it splits 5 - 5 - 5 - 5 (just example figures) and lets say I'm in Alliance A with demonic, myself and demonic are not that strong currently, that's already a disadvantage to alliance A.

    The playground analogy is quite apt. If we go this route Alliance A leader will be complaining he got a shitty pick, where as alliance D with Moeport / Checks / Indianhalfbreed is slaughtering everyone (again just examples).

    It's going to be incredibly difficult to strike a balance that's fair on a game where nobody trusts each other and one upmanship is all that's keeping the server alive at all. I'm not trying to throw spanners into the works as I have campaigned for a Bone split for years, I just think splitting into 4 equal alliances for a balanced pvp rebirth is going to be all good until the first fight where team B beats team C then it will all crumble.

    To quote a famous philosopher and mathematician, Albert Einstein - 'Dem (inappropriate) Ain't Loyal'
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    ezibito New Member

    well thats why poeple should choose smart leaders they think an make it balanced and will make smart chooices. if they dont u will end up with a moe check indiain ally.
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    ezibito New Member

    but yes i agree i think some rules should be discussed and agreed on between the leaders or we can decide here before they start choosing teams
  9. DripFedFred

    DripFedFred Mayor

    When 777 first started it wasn't massively overpowered, that came with time. I think the MAIN rule needs to be covering limited recruitment. The reason people have a BONE to pick with Phantoms has very little to do with the core Phants team like Dan / Ezi / Agr / Ast etc. It has everything to do with the 'can't beat them join them' attitude of most recent iterations. People who fought against 777 then when that didn't pan out jumped ship and started hunting weaker players unopposed. The onus isn't just on the leaders to not recruit either, everyone needs to grow a thicker skin and not quit / delvl when it gets tough. Too many people join an alliance they think will get them relig lvls then leave after a couple losses.

    That's going to be the hardest issue to fix.
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    ezibito New Member

  11. ann

    ann Member

    Not sure what the reshuffle is but am game lol
  12. DaVinci

    DaVinci New Member

    nice guys
  13. DarkQueen08

    DarkQueen08 New Member

    I am not a pvper but I think this sounds like an awesome opportunity for this game to start growing again. Great idea!
  14. Lego

    Lego New Member

    If u all want to do this is simple

    Agree on 2 things only, who are the 4 leaders and agree max number of pvp players in each ally.

    Once the 4 leaders agree to whatever number of pvp players. Then do recruitment if not yet done.

    So can we have the 4 leaders?
  15. Lego

    Lego New Member

    Ya is 10 pvp players per ally then from what i see is

    Ukr seems full if 10max
    2) azov
    3) king1
    4) ms anya
    5) mix
    6) vova
    7) rilando
    8) marmelaD
    9) kazak
    10) tpa

    1) Star
    2) checks
    3) indianhalfbreed
    4) moon
    5) sheyla

    Bones - who is leading?

    Other - ?
  16. Kinglock

    Kinglock New Member

    I will wait and see how recruitment goes - I will join the ally that looks like it needs help.

    Also we want lots of group PVP with roughly even matches. If any ally tries to dominate and look for uneven fights all the time, count me in for the skull-blocking posse.

    EDIT: This is open to everyone who wants to fight - it is not an elite thing. Let's all sign up get some reli levels and have fun.
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    ezibito New Member

    if we do it this way nothing will change we basicly ending up with same allys we should be paient see all that sign up for it and realy try to make this a full reshuffle trying to get as many poeple involved as possible
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  18. Kiki

    Kiki New Member

    What is the point of a 'reshuffle' if the alliances stays the same? I think some people is missing the point to this and hoping to stay in their current alliance. Which defies the whole point.

    I think Ezi has a good idea, I just dont see it working out.
  19. Boom

    Boom New Member

    I think this idea should have happened years ago, it could be too late for this kind of personal game interface. From past experience I have need seen or been involved with a team size being equal, its just not how my opponent played in the past. When individuals rely on such large groups to perform and you expect them to downsize does not seem practical for them does it? They are the type that will do anything to be the top as a group, to me that is what also kills the game. Back in the day when I used to solo I would be making over 100 000 religion experience in a month. Since I reduced my level I have been enjoying this game again, not having to rely on others and more importantly not having to worry about being jumped by a massive group power for just one person. The group has wreck this game, and the group will continue to wreck this game.

    This idea will not work and you will have that main alliance working together to pick other groups like Azov's group, then when Azov group has lost they will fight it out. I do not trust in this idea, I have helped many BONE members in the past but when it came time for them to help me they turned a blind eye.
  20. DripFedFred

    DripFedFred Mayor

    Unfortunately I agree with 'Boom' who I assume is Moeport.

    The only way this could POSSIBLY work is if all 4 leaders are respected and trustworthy. Essentially we need four leaders who will be more interested in fair play than they are in winning. It's going to mean going into fights when you're not sure your team can win, not recruiting all the best players to come out on top. It will take a lot of dedication from the 4 leaders to make this even slightly possible.

    An example would be TKH, when he returned and led Elite, they lost about 80% of their fights, but people still followed him into battle because he was producing a fun pvp environment. He kept going even though every time he got a group of 5 the enemy would make sure they have 7. Now the fact that I'm suggesting TKH as a role model shows just how far the community has fallen.

    I'm just not sure if the community as a whole have enough people willing to take those risks. Essentially you need charismatic leaders who can force their members to charge headlong into a suicide mission, and players who won't throw their dummy out the pram and leave after the first loss OR won't quit on this whole idea if they can't be on their 'friends' team, their 'friends' who happen to be full 1.0 and brilliant at pvp.. You know, like how all Bone stayed together because they're all 'friends' :p
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