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Discussion in 'Gods will hear you' started by DripFedFred, Feb 27, 2015.

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    DripFedFred Mayor

    Well having returned to the game for around 2 weeks, I am already fully confident I know everything about everything. So without further adieu here is a list of changes that Councilman Fred would like to see implemented.

    Remember, a vote for Fred holds off the undead.

    The biggest flaw in Darkswords has always been the immense poverty gap. We are playing in a world where you either own Apple or you pick them in a field. There is no middle ground and the death of the low / mid end pvpers has been the largest contributing factor to the decline in active players of this game (scientific fact!)

    With that being said the majority of my ideas will be directed towards breathing some life into the decomposing corpse that is, high lvl / low geared pvp or as it shall be affectionately known from now on 'The Grinding Class'.

    Idea 1 - Remove temp 1.0 items, lower the price of temp 0.4 items. I love the idea that poorer players can have access to some non customised plat gear that breaks fast, however you should not be able to get access to the best things the game has. A 1.0 sword is upwards of 3k, I shouldn't be able to gain access to that for 90pt. These temporary boosts do nothing but destabilize the pvp game, and this is taken from someone who is currently using a 1.0 temp dagger, so no bias coming from here.

    Idea 2 - Add some non pvp related religion cults. Here are a few examples, Cult of the Enchanter, each level increases your chance to find enchanted mob drops. Cult of the Scavenger, each level increases your chance to gain animal drops. Cult of the Merchant, each level increases the price items sell for in stores. These sort of cults will encourage non pvp players to take the risk of dying in pvp for rewards that actually help them with their goals.

    Idea 3 - Remove custom teleports. Currently dark soul is simply a money game, the people who reach the dark soul every day are players with stacks of teleports to every location. It is this sort of pay to win which has wiped out the grinding class, not people being well geared, but people being able to scan you, teleport pretty much on top of you and then compass you from 2 squares away.

    Idea 3- Increase gold drops by a larger percentage when religion is active. This again encourages current brewers / grinders to pay for an anti scanner and take up religion. If the cost / risk ratio is worth it people won't mind dying so much.

    Idea 4 - COG's for achievement points. Make COG's easier to get, Same reasoning as above, if you're a grinder and you know you can make much more money with religion on, then you might try it, however if you're constantly worried this money will be looted from you, you'll probably leave it.

    Idea 5 - Pet Milestones. Make pets start with no abilities and gain them as they level, from 1 - 1000 leveling your pet should be more valuable than it currently is.

    Idea 6 - Seperate tourney ranges based on the value of your gear. By this I obviously mean Artifacts, this would only work if the temp 1.0's are removed, but essentially if you are Craft / 0.4 / 0.5 then you should have a seperate tourney range to the elites. However winning an Elite tourney should be more rewarding than winning a lower one.

    Idea 7 - Rewards for clans in active war. If a war is active between your clan and another, and a user from both clans is online then both clans should get a 5% hp / mp buff. Currently there is nothing driving smaller clans to fight each other. All the good lands are owned by the elite clans so why bother? Maybe also a 10% increase in gold drops while at war, as it's riskier to hunt. Just keep boosting the rewards for those who take risks.

    Idea 8 - All lands should slowly gain revenue, just a small amount, but currently some lands just are not worth the effort. If lands had different levels, (say Ark is a 10) (SS sewers a 1) and the higher the level the more gold they generate, then you would quickly see competition for the better lands increase, and if people are fighting for lands then they may get religion for an upper hand.

    Idea 9 - The quests in each zone are FANTASTIC. We need more, and more high level quests that take you through low level zones, get players exploring the map again. It's a blast of nostalgia walking through places like Menagerie.

    Idea 10 - Restore the Wanted Dead quest. It was great and the reward pots and herbs were a nice reward for people not totally focused on pvp.

    Idea 11 - Fred for mayor

    To be continued!
  2. arne3johan

    arne3johan New Member

    Fred for Mayor AMEN!
  3. Weeyin2015

    Weeyin2015 New Member

    Plat quests to buy gear!
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    DripFedFred Mayor

    My point with these requests is not that I should be able to spend £100 and beat Moeport. No, he has invested thousands of pounds and that puts him in a whole other league to me, I cannot and should not be able to kill him in a 1 vs 1.

    My point is that go back 6 years, TKH was miles stronger than me, it didn't matter because I was in Dead rocks fighting the Farklands members I'd stumbled across. Or outside East Gate wading into a 10 man brawl hoping for a lucky kill, or hunting an unsuspecting brewer who was trying out religion.

    Now if I turn my religion on and open the player list, I will be met with /60+ players who all travel in packs or are giant slayers in their own right. If you increase the benefits of having religion, and reduce the ease of hunting players (personally I'd remove scanners and compasses all together) then you would see an entirely revamped and rejuvenated middle range of pvp. We have a big map, with a lot of places to grind and brew. I would be less scared of being killed by a group of Bone if I knew they had to go out hunting to find me and i'm tucked away in Dark Forest, and hey while I'm in Dark Forest maybe I'll run into someone else of my skill / level / gear range who is thinking the same thing and we might have a fight that doesn't have an obvious outcome.

    All the great players we have today were forged in a DS that allowed them to grow by fighting others of there level, how can we possibly expect the game to grow when new / old players no longer have that privilege.

    Fred for Mayor.
  5. ezibito

    ezibito New Member

    fred as usual u hit the nail on its head all very good ideas only hope admin takes to heart
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  6. Bobby

    Bobby Administrator Staff Member Moderator

    Welcome back! Some of your ideas can ruins the game economy, but some seems really good. We'll consider them after march changes and new areas installation.
    Great thanks. We will return for this discussion for sure.
  7. DaVinci

    DaVinci New Member

    removal of compasses and scanners would be very very good for the game and pvp all round
  8. dave

    dave New Member

    Welcome back Supernun, some good ideas there but taking out scanners and compasses is a bad idea. the map is getting bigger by the day, so it would make it a hell of a lot harder to find people. I know cos I'm a cheapskate and have tried hunting players without. i do understand it too easy to find players with them tools. but if they was to tweek them abit, say if you use a compass in a certain area it would jjust scan a 6*6 square radius. if no1 is in that radius you move out of that 6*6 area and hit compass again.

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