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Discussion in 'Gods will hear you' started by Lego, Mar 19, 2015.

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    Lego New Member

    Hey admin

    Why not organise 1vs1 tourney based on 'round robin method' on a scheduled saturday (when normal tourney isnt active)

    During this tourney, bonuses from spheres, tourney trophies, dragon ruins, clan bonuses, academic bonuses should be not effective

    Players should be entitled religion points. Durability of gears should be as normal.
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  2. DripFedFred

    DripFedFred Mayor

    Magic Barrier could be repurposed for this. On Saturdays players cn receive a quest teleport that drops them on a random square in magic barrier. Inside magic barrier you can only 1 vs 1, nobody is hidden as a shady figure and anti locators dont work (It's magic barrier so getting to people wont be easy anyways)

    Last man standing gets a reward.
  3. Checks

    Checks New Member

    This is very weird I was JUST going to create a thread like this one, but mine was gonna be related to the March season or in the USA "March Madness" it's called where NCAA Basketball teams have a yearly 64 team "Bracket style" tourney, we could do something just like this, EVERY1 should receive a prize for playing and the prizes get better as U progress through the tourney, I agree with Lego it should be for religion XP too, but just as a side note, U would not have to have religion to play, at the end the two players who haven't lost yet fight for the championship battle where the winner should receive a very cool prize, also I really think that there should be a very special "prize" given randomly to 1 or 2 of the participants, something AWESOME that would attract both PVP'ers, war fighters, low levels Brewers, EVERY1, this would be a weekly opportunity to get us ALL together and U don't neccesarily have to be the best PvP'r or have the best gear or the most plat spent to win something EPIC, PLEASE GODS U NEED TO DO SOMETHING EXACTLY LIKE THIS, hell if funds are an issue I'll help fund the dam thing!!! LETS GET ACTIVE AGAIN, and excited and passionate about a game we ALL love!!!!
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  4. Leonardo

    Leonardo New Member

    I support this!
  5. Checks

    Checks New Member

    This idea could really invigorate the game, all week ppl would prepare knowing there WOULD be a battle at weeks end!!
  6. Leonardo

    Leonardo New Member

    Even my weak little self would be roaring to join.
  7. alecia moore

    alecia moore Member

    Grand ideas! was just speaking to someone about this, i brought up round robin to someone else before legs idea but what i spoke to today to the person was this.
    round robin, everyone has same lvl for example lvl 50(like pokemon yey!) anyway lvl 50 and u can choose 50guilds, everyone should wear "somthing like round robin tornement gear" (same lvled gear etc so no one has better benifits) and they can only use 5pots or somthing. this way ANYONE can join and have a chance, it all comes down to the smarts, everytime roun d robin is on and u join u get downgraded automatically and u have to choose guilds(u wont be stuck with same ones as previous) it might be harder to implement somthing like this however, it gives everyone a chance
    Of course there will be different prizes for each level you get to, everyone gets a complimentary joining item, then u get a prize on the lvl u finnish on. for example, finnish lvl 3 you will get lvl 3 prize and ground prize(complimentary prize), you wont get lvl 2 and lvl 1.
  8. Leonardo

    Leonardo New Member

    Ima be honest I like the level idea. Make it like 50 or 120 and have hp gear sets, mana gear sets, etc, like temp gear. limited pots, random movement. etc. could be fun as hell.

    but make it cost to enter so people have a reason to farm/grind or allow buff outs, petards, etc but they must be purchased at a shop before the game starts.
  9. Checks

    Checks New Member

    Absolutely this wouldnt be quest
    Style format it would be just like a normal bracket style tourney

    This bracket style is the best way to have a short organized event to determine a winner

    I tried to build example on here but it keeps taking out all my spaces
  10. Checks

    Checks New Member

    Mrs Anya

    This is a small example of a bracket style tourney
  11. alecia moore

    alecia moore Member

    Leo and i spoke about it, i told him it best not to allow things like buff outs and what not
    If they do they should allow it as one of your "5pots" it wouldnt be fair if people with big money get stuff like that when some may have to scavange around just to be part of it
    i agree with paying to get in tho
  12. alecia moore

    alecia moore Member

    how i was think is somthing like this
    1st round
    2nd round
    p1vsp3(losers of last round)
    p2vsp4(winners last round)
    p3 beats p1 he comes 3rd
    p2 beats p4=p4 comes second and p2 comes 1st
    In a normal tourney they always have a winner, i think their should be a 2nd and 3rd also(everyone gets prizes no matter what they just get better the higher u get)

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